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Conner Pettit

Member Since: April 20th 2023


Instagram: @dogbonesx

Conner is an ardent singer, songwriter, guitarist, and aspiring performer. He loves all things music, mainly dark and alternative pop, but is constantly looking for songs that stir new emotion and insight. He listens to Gracie Abrams religiously and is currently obsessed with MUNA, Katelyn Tarver, and Melanie Martinez, loving when artists take risks and lean into fresh, imaginative sounds. In his free time, Conner partakes in the cult (that is) SoulCycle, watching Criminal Minds, and performing songs at local open mics. He graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in Biology, yet hopes to pivot towards a career in music marketing, aiming to help musicians navigate the hard yet rewarding path of becoming an artist

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