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Morgan Fischer

Member Since: August 1st 2023


Instagram: @mfisch_03

Morgan is currently a Junior at the University of Florida, pursuing her degree in English. She adores writing and reading, and her dream is to be a published author one day. She loves making playlists for books she's currently reading or stories she's currently writing, and believes that her love for music makes her a better storyteller. She also grew up dancing, and played the flute for three years, so she has a strong connection to music in all parts of her life. Apart from writing and reading, she also paints during her free time, and loves to pain music related things, such as old CDs and scratched vinyl records. Her favorite genres are pop, alternative, and classical, with her favorite artists routinely being Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey. She is super excited to be a member of the Pop Passion team, and looks forward to exploring and sharing new music! 

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