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Our 'New Discoveries' playlist is updated every single month with the best new songs from the best underrated artists! Genres include Pop and Sub Genres of Pop ( pop rock, folk pop, punk pop etc...) Want to be featured on this playlist? Submit your music to us here! - 


These artists live rent free in our mind. These are the songs we've received throughout our time as a blog, that we still listen to on a daily basis!

feminist-mental-health-fist-feature_1320W_JR-1 (1).png

Cry, dance, sing and yell in rage to these empowering songs by women to remind you that YOU ARE IMPORTANT.


Best Of - Collection

A compilation of the best songs by your favorite artists, past years and decades. See what artists we have a 'Best Of' playlist for below.


Pop Passion's list of the best songs for the Summer!

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