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  • Megan Cao

"a heart of doubt" - St. Niklas

“a heart of doubt” is a nuanced look at how guarding yourself from others creates a yearning for understanding and acceptance so intense that it ultimately transforms into something destructive. It’s difficult to learn to let someone in, a scary thought that someone out there knows anything and everything about your every existence, from your childhood upbringing to how your insecurities manifest themselves. But guarding yourself from love and comfort may actually turn you into someone much more jaded, someone who’s so longing for acceptance so badly that it turns onto them and the relationships they already may have.

The danceable electronic beat envelopes beautifully with Niklas’ smooth and mellow voice. Though the song starts softer, it reaches greater heights as the climax in the chorus bursts into a wistful and exciting apex. As Niklas muses over himself, he realizes that though it still hurts, he wants to embrace others and learn to be vulnerable with them. From Niklas’ songwriting prowess alongside his emotional vocals emerges a passionate song that argues for you to let others in to connect with them. Music is empowering, and Niklas' mixed hodgepodge of sounds, emotions, and lyrics is a beautiful melding of everything that makes him so irrefutably himself, looking to give his advice and inspire his listeners to look after themselves.

St. Niklas debuted in 2016 with his C-O-O-L EP, accumulating almost two million streams on Spotify alone and ranking high on Spotify Viral in Norway, Sweden, and Spain. Four years later, he returned with his EP your imperfections make me even more obsessed with you, containing breakout singles like “Rebels” and “Late Nights”. “a heart of doubt” is his third single after starting his new chapter in mid-June, following previous releases “comfy” and “no one else”. As he gears up to release his next EP, we're sure to see how St. Niklas' music evolves and changes as he explores the human condition.

Written By Megan Cao


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