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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Alone Together" by Hunter Blair Ambrose

If you’re like me, then the pandemic has thrown your plans and your sanity into pandemonium. Disruptions in daily life. Isolation from friends and family. And the loneliness that results. ‘Alone Together’ by Hunter Blair Ambrose illuminates the sophisticated emotions surrounding lockdown, coupled with the artist’s love life reflections. “In this world, it’s like it would end; I try to go on my own, it never works". We often want to leave friends and lovers behind, but we can’t bring ourselves to go through with it. This song is for the hopeless romantics and those whose social lives have been in disarray (aka, everyone).

The song’s signature synth-pop, disco production combines pure nostalgia with an uplifting, refreshing melody. “Your elevation is the sedation, but this introduction is pure song seduction". The lyrics from the post-chorus alone speak volumes. We often place the worth of our social connections above ourselves, and Ambrose eloquently describes that misconception. Reverbs and synths enhance the feeling of longing and represent how love can distort our perceptions. Ambrose’s vulnerable vocal performance flows beautifully with the grooves of synthesized instruments. It’s a story of heartbreak with the vibes of finding peace in your daydreams. What a relatable contrast!

Hunter Blair Ambrose is a singer-songwriter and recording artist based in Manhattan, NY. She completed her education at Berklee College of Music for Professional Music. For the past few years, she has been collaborating with producer Jason Strong to create sensational hits for the underground pop scene. Her sound is distinctly crafted out of Pop/R&B, synth-pop, and timeless ‘80s classics, to name a few. ‘Alone Together’ is the fourth single off her debut album ‘Scorpio Season’ which is available now on all digital streaming platforms!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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