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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Best Taylor Swift Love Songs To Send Your Date This Valentine's Day

In my opinion, music is a love language. Love is so many different things, an electric teenage connection, a messy situationship, or the one who quiets the storm in your mind. No matter what, there is a song for every single type of romance. With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, what better way to show your love for your person than sending them a song from the queen of the music industry herself, Taylor Swift! Here are the top 13 Taylor Swift love songs based on your kind of love.

To: the one who makes you feel like a kid again

From: “Our Song”

“Our Song” is all about teenage love. Staying up too late on the phone, sneaking out so your parents don’t see, and the thrilling feeling of riding around in their car with the windows down. If they make you feel like a kid again, send this one your lover’s way!

To: the one who just can’t take a hint

From: “Hey Stephen”

This song is truly about pining and fantasizing. You just KNOW you two would be perfect together- you can’t help imagining how perfect it would be! If you’ve got the courage to shoot your shot this V-Day, this one is the perfect song to get the point across. Much better than those girls throwing rocks at his window.

To: the one who it was love at first sight

From: “Enchanted”

From the moment you laid eyes on them, you knew they were the one. It feels like you’ve even met before, that's how connected the two of you are. You saw them and your world stopped, and you don’t even know them yet but you know they’re the one. If this was how you and your partner collided, let them know.

To: the messy back-and-forth you can’t live without

From: “Stay Stay Stay”

Sure they drive you crazy, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. You truly need them in your life, you have never had someone that makes the world as entertaining and energetic as they do. They have shown you a type of love that can prevail through the arguments and snippy ‘old married couple’ vibes, so make sure to send them this song to prove you really do want them to stay.

To: the one who made you realize you could love again

From: “Begin Again”

Pretty much everyone has gone through that one horrible breakup that makes you think love will literally never find you again. Every once in a while, someone will come along to show you that this is simply not true. You are worthy of love, and it will find you when you least expect it. Maybe you two planned a date to a cafe, Valentine’s Day IS on a Wednesday after all! Send this to the one who ignited these feelings in you after you thought the butterflies could never flutter again.

To: the one who is brand new

From: “Delicate”

This track is all about it being so soon in the process, but beginning to realize you're actually falling for them. It's the exciting time where you’re getting to know each other, hoping that they’re just yours, and wondering if they feel the same. Okay, so if it's THAT brand new maybe don’t actually send them a song, but at least listen to it while imagining what is in store for you two!

To: the one you gets you feeling some type of way

From: “Dress”

Valentine's Day can be sweet and wholesome, or it can be a little less wholesome. If you want to spend some ‘quality alone time’ with your partner, this song might just be the one to get them in the mood. This song is all about that tension, and what happens when there is no one else there to keep you apart. When two people love each other, am I right?

To: the one you made it through the storm with

From: “Call It What You Want”

Sometimes the relationship itself is perfect, it is the world around you that has the flaws. While these flaws are probably not the same that Swift has dealt with, outside speculation can creep it’s way in between you and your lover. If you two have been able to get through this kind of commentary, this song is perfect for you. My personal favorite Swift song, this is all about being known for the real you, and the rest of the world can call your relationship whatever they want- its the two of you that matter anyway.

To: the one you would compromise for

From: “Paper Rings”

This song is upbeat and fun, and extremely playful, just like your love. The main point of this track is in the titular lyrics, “I like shiny things / but I’d marry you with paper rings”. You are head over heels, and willing to give up tradition and things that are important to you just to be with them. If you and your partner decided on a budget Valentine with emphasis on quality time, this is definitely the song for you.

To: the one who showed you a brighter day

From: “Daylight”

Love can be all kinds of things, and in all kinds of styles, but at its core it is supposed to make you feel good. It can feel like a breath of fresh air, or like the warm feeling of the sun on your face after a long winter. If your lover brought you out of the dark and shined a light into every corner of your life that you didn’t even think was possible, this is the song for you two.

To: the one you would fight for

From: “peace”

While it is certainly supposed to be uplifting, a relationship can be hard. However, the right person is worth fighting for, and you are strong enough to win this fight. Even if you know there will be ups and downs, you two are able to put them aside for the sake of being with each other. If this sounds like you and your love, send them a little bit of peace on this hectic day.

To: the one it's been all along

From: “invisible string”

Sometimes, the one you are meant to be with has been hidden in plain sight the whole time. They come around when you are both ready for it (no pun intended), and after you get together, all of the crazy coincidences just make sense. If you feel like the two of you have been tied together throughout your entire lives, this is the song to send their way.

To: the one who quiets your mind

From: “Sweet Nothing”

With all of its crazy expectations and whirlwind of feelings, sometimes the best love is the kind that calms you down through it all. This track is all about finding comfort in your partner, and how that is just as rewarding as all of the sparks flying (again, no pun intended). If your lover is the one person who knows how to sooth the turbulence in your mind, send them this song.

Hopefully you found a song in this line-up that reminds you of your love story, but if not there are still SO many to choose from. Swift’s top 13 love songs is certainly not enough to cover every single type of connection, but I did want to give an honorable mention to “Lover”. It felt too obvious to add to this list, but this song is truly her best love song (it's literally in the title) and can apply to any type of love, including yours. To anyone who is able to make your heart sing the way Swift does, any song on this list would make the best valentine. Happy love day!

Written By Tessa Maddaloni

*copyright not intended. Fair use act, section 107.


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