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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Better Dead" by Hendri

We all have that one person we’d do anything for. But ask yourself: are they giving you the same level of commitment? Or are they simply giving you the bare minimum? Our personal autonomy is one of the strongest forces we have control of. If the other person is causing you to degrade your worth and do things you regret, dump them! “I’m killing the versions of myself that used to love you; I don’t want to be your trophy wife no more.” In her new single ‘Better Dead’, Hendri urges us to assess our reasons for staying in our relationships. It's better to leave than to stay in toxic situations. Why stay with someone who treats you like an object when you can treat yourself 100 times better?

The most important factor to consider is how the other person affects your actions. “Is this who you want to be?” You’ll be finger-tapping with the powerful drums as you instantly resonate with this diss track. Mistreatment is not an option. Hendri soulful, rockstar voice lives in the low notes as you take these matters into your own hands. Even if you’ve never been in a relationship, the lyrical electric guitar attracts Hendri’s catchy message and pulls you into the world of breakups. It's a magnetic masterpiece that’ll have you jamming in no time!

Hendri is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Lauren Gerrish. The east coast transplant explores love and Los Angeles through her poignant lyricism and keen pop sensibilities. Together with producer Classy Williams, her work blends pop, acoustic rock and R&B with elements of funk and modern production. As a result, her style is a fresh take on the effortless nostalgia of 1970s California culture. She’s the ultimate feel-good artist! Who knows where her career will take her next!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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