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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Better" - Lucy Warr

One of the most difficult challenges in life is accepting your self-worth and cutting out the source of pain which causes damage. It’s part of the fulfillment of saving yourself in order to grow into the person you want to become. This is what “Better,” the new track by Lucy Warr, is praising. It’s about breaking those chains that keep us trapped within our fears and insecurities, and how it’s time to escape and be free. Along with the motivational lyricism Warr gifts us, the music itself is so captivating that it has you headbanging along throughout the song. This, paired with Warr’s strong vocal performance adds up to a memorable experience that will leave you feeling consumed by self-love. So, whenever you’re in your next rut, know that Lucy Warr has your back to pick you back up.

The song does a very interesting thing in the beginning, as the intro fades in with a retro feel as if we’re hearing it on an old car radio. The transition into the first verse is smooth, and the verse itself is a nice introduction to the song's subject matter. The line “the quantum leap” especially works so well as it rolls off the tongue nicely as one sings along to the track. The instrumentals during the verse are kept to a minimum, a steady bass line and beat, but this aids Warr because it allows for her strong vocals to shine. We hear this, especially in the pre-chorus where she does a short, but smooth vocal run. The chorus itself is loud in the best way, the instrumentals are fun and upbeat. The repeating line “never going back” helps emphasize the significance of standing strong and not backing down from a struggle. Additionally, this idea is reassured with the line “cause I deserve more.” The bridge of the song is nice and somewhat muted, which creates a wonderful contrast to the final chorus that adds some melodic harmonies to the previous version of the chorus. As the song ends, we are left stunned and empowered, and it shows how Lucy Warr was truly able to accomplish what she intended.

Lucy Warr is a unique artist that specializes in making inspirational music that fits perfectly in the soundtrack of a coming-of-age film. Her goal is to create music that is hopeful and empowering. Warr has consistently been releasing music and has received praise from several sources, such as CLOUT, Pit Records, A1234, FV music, and more. These outlets have taken note of how exceptional and positive her sound is. Warr has especially received praise for her past tracks, such as “Energy” and “Rip It Off.” She is very active on social media where she not only promotes her music but also spreads positive and motivational messages to her audience. It’s clear that Lucy Warr is an outstanding individual and is someone who is a breath of fresh air in the music scene.

Written By Chantal Charles



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