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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Bird of Prey" - Emily James

If I only had one word to describe ‘Bird of Prey’ by Emily James, I would say it’s mesmerizing. Blending the beauty of a new love with the fear of getting too close, she vulnerably explains the battle that’s raging in her heart. “I’m a little less numb when I’m with you; push you away, cuz that’s the part that’s easy.” When you feel insecure, the first instinct is to try to escape the obtrusive feelings that come up. That can wear you down emotionally over time. What’s great is that James unearths those emotions and soothes the relationship anxiety (or any anxiety) that you may feel.

In the words of Meghan Trainor, this song is “all about that bass!” James sets a somber tone with the elegant strums of a string bass. She sings with an incredible amount of intimacy, as if she’s consoling your inner child. “Please, just be patient with me; I've been running on empty, trying to feel my way back to my heart.” As mystical synths envelop you in the story, James allows her voice to break on the word “heart”, as if she’s literally tugging on your heartstrings. You’ll feel more understood than ever with this enchanting tune!

There's no doubt that Emily James truly shines with her heartfelt melodies! The 22-year-old LA singer-songwriter has developed a musical style that’s irresistible. Taking influence anywhere from Billy Joel to musicals, she combines emotional vulnerability with an impressive vocal range. Originally from New York, her career kicked off in Nashville, where she developed her songwriting prowess. After moving to LA, she ventured into self-producing. With her talents mastered, she’s now amassed more than 40 million streams across her 5 EPs. If you enjoyed ‘Bird of Prey’, check out her other awesome songs!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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