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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Body Says" - Salt Ashes

Have you ever had trouble saying no? Like your intuition is warning you of imminent danger, but you’re afraid of what they’re going to think of you? ‘Body Says’ by Salt Ashes is a fantastic dance-pop track that will have you setting clear boundaries and calling out the people who’ve mistreated you. Especially if they’re men. “Take your hands off me; I’m not your property, I’m leaving.” Ladies, this is your time to harness your power and let them know, in the sassiest demeanor, how badly they eff'd up!

“Don’t blame your anatomy, don’t blame the science.” Ashes makes it incredibly clear that there’s no excuses allowed! To improve your stance even further, funky synths and catchy lyrics rush you to the dance floor, where you’ll put on the best performance of your life. Ashes speaks for you when she repeatedly says “I don’t give a damn!” Her confident, sassy vocals send anyone who dares to oppose you to oblivion. They’re not in charge here. You are! Take the irresistible energy Ashes give you in this song and LIVE in it!

Veiga Sanchez is the mastermind behind Salt Ashes. The UK artist has been releasing music since 2014. From the start of her career, her music has consistently ranked high on the dance charts for both Billboard and Music Week. Her signature sound is derived from dark synth-pop melodies infused with energetic electronic beats. ‘Body Says’ comes off Ashes’s beautiful sophomore album ‘Killing My Mind’, which features more hard-hitting messages and inspiring tunes. She’s a superstar in her own right. Go listen to her music ASAP!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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