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  • Emily Hancock

"Buzzcut" - Estella Dawn

Incredible vocals. Captivating lyrics. Compelling beat. Estella Dawn’s latest single, “Buzzcut” has it all. “Buzzcut” features lyrics talking about how females typically change their personality to fit in to appeal to a man in a relationship. However, Estella flips the narrative and encourages women to keep their own unique flare and stay true to themselves. This jam gives women all the power with lyrics like “I’ll mold you into what I like.” This uplifting song is perfect to listen to when you need a little self confidence boost! You can’t help but feel like a girl-boss when you hear this tune.

Estella aims to impress with her single as she starts off singing incredibly high notes. Her singing is all the more stunning as she explores a wide vocal range throughout the song showing off her natural talent. Her vocals are easily the best part of this song–Estella simply has a phenomenal voice. Moving deeper into the tune comes a fantastic little guitar solo. Who doesn’t love a guitar moment? Combining these elements with the catchy beat from the shaker and drum-set, this song really is a gem in the world of pop.

“Buzzcut” is the first single from her upcoming full-length album that is set to be released later this year. Estella has released 17 singles since 2020. This highly anticipated album combines live musical arrangements, relatable lyrics, and incredible vocals. If you like artists like Taylor Swift and SIA, Estella Dawn is definitely someone to check out. Estella is one to remember as her time in the spotlight is coming up fast!

Written By Emily Hancock


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