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  • Jenna Barton

Concert Review: Nicky Youre - Summerfest in Milwaukee

Nicky Youre is best known for his ultimate summer song “Sunroof” however there’s a lot more to discover with the young artist. Recently, Nicky wrapped up his first tour alongside Benson Boone, and I was beyond excited to see his name appear on the lineup of the world's biggest music festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this summer. Summerfest is an annual music festival, which celebrated its 55th anniversary this year. The festival has been branded as the “World's Largest Festival” by Guinness World Record since the late 90's. This year alone had over 10 stages, 600 performers, and over 600,000 people during the 9 days. Nicky saw himself in the middle of the festival during the Friday of the second weekend. He gave two performances that day. The first would be at Summerfest’s smallest stage as a free acoustic set for an intimate group of fans, and another as a ground stage headliner at the Generac stage.

The American Family Insurance House is by far the smallest stage on the grounds. Barely big enough for room for an artist and their band, this stage first appeared a few years ago and has featured some of the biggest artists on the festival's lineup. These intimate performances are first come first serve with an unplugged acoustic set. It has been one of the main highlights of the festival in addition to headline performances. Although it was arguably the hottest day of the festival when Nicky came, the heat didn't slow him down. Nicky opened with a 2pm acoustic performance consisting of a few songs to bring this show time under half an hour. It was a very intimate performance where he connected with a small crowd around 50 people. His condensed setlist consisted of his most popular songs and a cover song. Starting with “Eyes On You”, Nicky came out with high energy to be followed by his latest release, a single called “Good Times Go'', while fans sang along even though it had only been out a few weeks prior. Nicky maintained strong stage presence during his short set while interacting with fans in the front and connecting with others in the back. He did a great job at capturing the audience's attention the whole time. With just a small band supporting him on stage, every person there could feel the heart and soul he poured into every lyric he sang. Even for a small crowd, it was obvious how much his music and his fans mean to him. During this short set (as he would go on to perform later in the evening) he Included a cover as well, a song that nearly everyone could sing along to, "Tongue Tied" by Grouplove. Before leaving the small stage, he made sure to do his hit single, "Sunroof". This was immediately picked up and recognized by the crowd from the melody right away. It was an incredible sight seeing everyone singing along as a fan, and I can only imagine how Nicky must have felt in the moment.

Nicky gave the same incredible performance for an even larger crowd on one of the biggest stages at Summerfest later that same day for a longer set. He came on after a high energy performance by the Indie Pop artist BabyJake and right before Yung Gravy who would go on to end the night. Nicky even did another cover of another popular song, “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees and his other songs that he didn’t perform earlier. Anyone watching nearby could tell that he gave it his all. Even from far away, Nicky created a fun atmosphere to all who came to see him. If you get the chance to see him perform in person don’t hesitate. Nicky has come a long way since releasing his first track a few years ago. Despite only a few releases to his name he’s already been making huge waves in the music industry. With millions of listeners and hundreds of millions of streams, he’s got a very promising career ahead of him. Many people have come to recognize him after the viral success of his single, and since then Nicky has been making himself known as more than just the “Sunroof guy”. I can’t wait to see him again sometime in the near future, and I have high expectations for his future in music.

Nicky Youre is a 24 year old singer and songwriter from California. The pop artist has impressively reached over 15.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify and is fast approaching a billion streams collectively on the platform. Nicky is often recognized for his summer sounds, catchy melodies and relatable lyrics. The young artist is well on his way to becoming a more common household name with every new release. Nicky first started making music back in 2017, and would eventually release his first single, “Sex and Lemonade” in June of 2020. It was a year later when he would release his second single, "Sunroof" with artist dazy in December of 2021. This track alone has currently reached over 600 million streams. Following his trend of releases, in 2022, Nicky released his single “Never Go Wrong” with david hugo, gaining him another 18 million streams. Also in 2022, was when the collective of “Sunroof (Remixes)” made its presence. This EP is filled with renditions of his popular song including new versions with artists like Thomas Rhett, 24kGoldn, Loud Luxury, and Manuel Turizo. With even more steams and recognition, Nicky released the single, “Eyes On You” at the end of the year. Starting off 2023, the artist released his first single of the year, “Shut Me Up” in February. Nicky also added a single to his discography called “Found” from Netflix's’, “The Magician's Elephant” this past March. The most recent release from Nicky is his debut album, “Good Times Go” which features 7 tracks, including his latest single with the same name on June 9th. As an early fan of his, I can’t wait to see what Nicky does next. He’s an incredible live performer and his authenticity reflects in his music. Check out his socials for upcoming new music releases and future tour dates. I guarantee you that this won’t be the last time you hear from him.

Written By Jenna Barton

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