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  • Vanessa Siebrass

Concert Review: Night Club Masochist Tour

Photo: Night Club via Facebook

Dark electronic music duo Night Club recently wrapped up the Masochist Tour in support of their latest album. Starting on April 2nd in San Diego, CA, and concluding in Leipzig, Deutschland, on May 19th, this concert was a whirlwind of activity and an experience to remember. Accompanied by DJ JPEG and band Rosegarden Funeral Party, the tour featured thirty-three US dates and two additional stops overseas, in Great Britain and Germany. On April 13th, a sinister wave of synth-pop overtook Omaha's Reverb Lounge, much to the delight of the onlookers. Nestled in the heart of Omaha's Benson neighborhood, the mid-century-inspired lounge specializes in craft cocktails and tiki drinks. Reverb features state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems in a small performance space, making for an intimate experience.

Photo: Reverb Lounge, courtesy of their website

DJ JPEG started the evening's festivities, setting the mood by transforming the venue into a miniature rave, flawlessly weaving together a succession of bangers, and getting the crowd pumped up for the upcoming performances. JPEG continued conjuring musical magic during the show's artist changes, keeping the crowd engaged and entertained.

Next to take the stage was the Dallas, TX-based gothic rock band Rosegarden Funeral Party. Formed in 2018, there have been numerous changes to the band's lineup. Most recently, shortly after the conclusion of the Masochist tour, Lane's brother Wil, the original bassist, rejoined the group. For the evening's set, the performers included Leah Lane (vocals, guitar) and Dean Adams (the group's new percussionist). Leah's voice is reminiscent of Siouxsie, quite lovely to hear and conveying a wide range of emotion. On their website, Rosegarden Funeral Party describes their sound as '...synths trapped in the loving arms of the 1980s, rhythmic percussion and drums inspired by dark dance floors...the second-coming of traditional goth.' The band's playlist included hits such as In the Wake of Fire, Doorway Ghost, and Fear of Feeling Nothing.

Once Rosegarden Funeral Party's excellent performance had concluded, headliner Night Club finally took the stage. The duo was formed in 2012 and consists of Mark Brooks (synth) and Emily Kavanaugh (vocals). Haunting lyrics are paired with darkly brooding music that simultaneously manages to be catchy and infectious. This sonic lily is gilded by Emily's vocals and the depth of emotion in her delivery. As the tour was in support of "Masochist," the band played album tracks such as Crime Scene, Barbwire Kiss, and Black December.

Of course, the band always takes advantage of opportunities to play some well-loved fan favorites as well. Amongst these, the duo enthusiastically dove into tunes from previous albums, including classics Your Addiction, Schizophrenic, Gossip, and Candy Coated Suicide.

Having been a fan of Night Club's music for several years, to say I had been looking forward to this live performance is a vast understatement - they did not disappoint! I was unfamiliar with Rosegarden Funeral Party prior to the show, but they were also fantastic - an in-depth perusal of the band's catalog is in order. Both bands delivered fantastic, high-energy performances, leaving everything they had on stage and efficiently keeping the audience entranced. If given another opportunity, I would absolutely go see them both perform again; they put on an incredible show! Give Night Club and Rosegarden Funeral Party a listen and see what you think!

Written By Vanessa Siebrass

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