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  • Shelbi Baker

Review: "MINISTRY" - TheProfessR

TheProfessR's new single, "MINISTRY" is a high-energy dance track that embodies the thrill of nonstop nightlife. The lyrics tell the story of what it's like to step into a crowded club, lose your inhibitions, meet new people, and dance without a care in the world. Pulling inspiration from a wedding he attended in Cancun and Tulum, TheProfessR built, "MINISTRY" with heavy influences from Mexican club music. The song is predominantly based in Latin roots but with a lead vocal line more reminiscent of Westernized music. No matter how it came to be though, one thing is true. "MINISTRY" will get you on your feet in a heartbeat!

As an EDM fan, "MINISTRY" is one hundred percent the type of song I look out for. It's the type of thing I add to playlists for gaming, working out, or even just traveling. The energy in this song is so positive and uplifting that it's hard to put it down. The track sports a tempo of 130BPM, giving it that fast-paced drive that you definitely want in a nightclub anthem. The sound behind "MINISTRY" really reminds me of classic David Guetta songs like, "Sexy Chick" and "Memories" and I think it could slot in just fine in a DJ set alongside his work. It gives that late 2000s club hype feeling that we all wanted to go out and experience for ourselves when we were young.

TheProfessR is a multi-genre producer, composer, and lyricist who is always looking for inspiration around the globe. His discography spans not only the pop and EDM genres, but also Reggaeton, AfroBeats, House, and Liquid Drum and Bass. His aim as an artist is to mix British culture with his own heritage alongside the cultures of others. He's an artist passionate about taking listeners on a new journey with each new release. The ProfessR debuted on Spotify in 2022 with a song called, "Black Opium", with a heavy focus on Drum and Bass. Since then, his music has evolved through songs like, "Treasure", a soulful Drum and Bass track with tons of R&B influence. Overall, I think TheProfessR is an incredibly talented artist with insane potential, especially in the electronic scene. "MINISTRY" is a must-listen for any fan of EDM or even anyone who wants to dance and have a good time. And you can hear it now on Spotify!

Written By Shelbi Baker

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