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  • Nicholas Joubert

"Cyanide" - Ro Nova

Quick science lesson: Cyanide, the chemical (for those that do not know) is extremely poisonous and inhibits your body's cells from using oxygen. It is also used in the extraction of silver and gold. And I confess, Ro Nova extracted the gold from this electronic pop track. She describes "Cyanide" as her desire to find danger and be kept on the edge. The further explains it is about finding solace is seeking thrills. The deep base beats and vocals reminds me of a track from Billie Eilish.

The intro of the song starts of with a trumpet sound and then shoots out the blocks with her smooth and laid back vocals. Add the fast beat progression on this pop track and you have a chill vibe going. I do however want to point out that throughout, this song features a really sick beat - exactly what you would expect from the "up-and-coming producer". You don't necessarily have to understand or follow the lyrics, when you have a beat that presents as cool as "Cyanide".

The London based Ro has gathered support from tastemakers such as Harriet Rose and James Threlfall (BBC) and outlets such as Hoxton Radio and Visual Atelier 8. She has worked with UK songwriters Fred Again and Kamille, and wrote with the likes of Raye and MNEK. Although 2021 has been a big year for Ro, 2022 is starting off with a lot of excitement following the release of her track, Silver, on New Years Eve. She is also setting out on two European tours with two high profile acts.

Written By Nicholas Joubert



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