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  • Nicholas Joubert

"Do It All Again" - Castells

From the get go, I was hooked on "Do It All Again" by Castells. The song starts off with an epic electric guitar intro, almost reminding me of a Paramore track. As soon as the verse starts, it features drums with vocals that will hook anyone who has a half decent ear for music. Apart from the excellent production, the lyrics are relatable to anyone who has been in a on-and-off-again relationship. The story behind this single is about a guy ,being in a reflective state, thinking about how he'd do things differently if they were to "make amends" and get back together. He is faced with the harsh reality that he is still very much in love with his ex (...ouch...), but if he "could be any wiser", would things be different this time around? Is this ever the case when you get back with your ex? Are things truly different the second (or third) time around? It is a thought provoking concept that I think most people, who has been in a serious relationship before, have contemplated about.

I went into this Indie-rock quartet's background and saw their first music video was uploaded the 2nd of February 2018. Comparing their sound from "Do You Remember" to their latest release, I am impressed and pleased to say that "Do It All Again" is on a whole new level. In this track, there were various parts that hooked me, but what stood out was that it is evident that a lot of effort was put into making each part of the band feature, which is beautiful. Its an epic pop/rock track and as all seasoned musicians will agree, this track is why experience and practice is essential to your success in music. I am excited to see what success awaits Castells on their journey.

Performing at sold out shows in venues such as Omeara, Moth Club and Camden Assembly; supporting bands like Luna Bay, Spinn, Youth Killed it and Only Sun since 2018. They also had their first headline show in February 2021 at The Grace, Islington. During their EP release in 2021, they picked up support from Abby McCarthy on BBC Introducing in Kent. This indie pop/rock track is what happens when dedication meets talent. Front man Connor Crooks, Robert Castelino (Guitar), Matt Chittenden (Bass) and Marc Smith (Drums) sounds like they are the dream team. After all this success, it comes as no surprise that the band have built up a loyal fanbase. Congratulations lads because you just won over another fan with this absolute banger of a track, "Do It All Again"!

Written By Nicholas Joubert



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