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  • Kelli Dixon

"Don't Want Your Love" - Yana

The honeymoon phase. Everyone who has been in a relationship before knows what I’m talking about. It is the stage in a romantic relationship where everything is new and exciting. The couple acts so sweet to each other that you could get a cavity from being around them. However, the biggest issue with the honeymoon stage is how short-lived it is. As a relationship progresses, the rose-colored glasses come off, and the two parties see their partner’s true colors. Therefore, the way that a relationship functions after the honeymoon phase can make or break it. Yana’s song, “Don’t Want Your Love,” is a reflective ballad about how she navigated a relationship after the honeymoon phase. Unfortunately, her experience doesn’t end well. Even so, the song itself conveys her emotions to the listener in a captivating and powerful way.

The first thing I noticed about the song was Yana’s vocals. The runs in her voice were very satisfying to listen to. I especially liked how they made her voice linger on powerful lyrics such as …”why you’re in my blood.” I also noticed that the instrumentation in the song was very minimal. You only hear a keyboard, a steady drumbeat, and Yana’s harmonies. I thought it was great for the song. A big flashy electric guitar would have overshadowed the story of the lyrics. Lastly, I thought the ending of the song was very interesting. Yana sings, “you might think I want to press rewind. “Maybe I just wish we had more time.” Throughout the whole song, the listener thinks she’s happy to be out of a seemingly unhealthy relationship. In reality, she is regretful about ending the relationship too soon and not fighting for love. This is a situation that a lot of people resonate with.

Yana was born in Varna, Bulgaria and later moved to Long Beach California. If you liked “Don’t Want Your Love,” you should check out Yana’s other song, “Like it.” This song has a similar sound, but she sings about being in the honeymoon phase. Early in 2019, Yana began work on her EP, Hindsight. She is lucky to be working with writer and producer, Franco Reid (Halsey's former drummer). “Don’t Want Your Love” was released as a single from this project. I can’t wait to see what else she has in store!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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