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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Fahrenheit 104" by AXLS

The next dance-worthy single is here! ‘Fahrenheit 104’ by AXLS takes you on an irresistible trip to party town as you revel in the ecstasy of the night. With the hustle-and-bustle of working life, weekend “breaks” are like recharging your batteries to 50%. Occasional celebration is a great way to unwind and create enjoyment in your spare time. All you have to bring is yourself. Your brain will thank you for this dopamine hit of a song!

Otherworldly and imaginative, the strong use of layered synths is a hype train of energy that never stops building. The dreamy melody line cuts through the reality shifting and fully immerses your character in a new dimension! As you party on, disco-like rhythms mimic a youthful vigor that’ll make you “dive in headfirst...keep movin’ and groovin’.” Catchy lyrics invite you to forget your stagnant days and live in your best moments. Unexpectedly exquisite vocals, especially in the 2nd chorus, will grant you the gift of invincibility!

Dreamy female vocals and low-slung bass characterize just a couple of qualities AXLS emphasizes in their music. The trio got their start in 2018 in Newcastle Upon Tyne. From there, they released their debut album ‘First Contact’, a story of a young girl's resistance after Earth’s first encounter with an extraterrestrial race goes awry. It made a splash by revolutionizing the idea of concept albums in terms of electronic music. Taking influence from electronic artists like Nero and Grimes, as well as pop idols like Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga, the sound of AXLS is truly addictive!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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