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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Fell In Love Again" - Matt Wells x Victoria McCartney

It’s hard to let go of what you love. Even if you’re better off without that person or the memory of them, it’s no less tempting to rekindle that love. ‘Fell In Love Again’ by Matt Wells and Victoria McCartney puts you on both sides of a fractured relationship. Whether you were the one who ended things or not, there’s likely a part of you that still loves them. “You stole my heart, tore it in half; you're making it hard for me to move on.” Love never truly dies. It’s reincarnated into a new form. The resulting intricacies of love are precisely what this song explores.

Trap and pop collide as the two hearts become intertwined with one another. Wells speaks on how he doesn’t want to go back after getting heartbroken. McCartney responds with how she never forgot about him and realized how hurtful her words were. You can really feel their emotions tell the story. Their spectacular voices play an intimate game of call-and-response before they come together for a beautiful chorus. A standout guitar solo in the outro mimics their shared agreement that they’re falling in love again. The song clearly balances depth of character with an evocative message!

Matt Wells is a Taiwanese-Canadian artist whose music reflects his internal struggles. He’s been releasing weekly vlogs and honing his production skills to better connect with his audience and himself. Fellow Canadian singer-songwriter Victoria McCartney has completed immersed herself in music. Her pop/R&B style takes inspiration from several major sources, including the surrounding world, her own experiences, and the stories she’s been told. These artists came together to create ‘Fell In Love Again’ and two other captivating tracks. With this song alone, there's no denying that Wells and McCartney are an unstoppable duet!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez




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