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  • Nicholas Joubert

"Girls Like You" - The Attire

Who can recall the vibe and attitude of pretty much any epic Bruno Mars track like Uptown Funk? Anyone? “Girls Like You” by The Attire has that vibe to it, and honestly, I am loving it. When the track played, I stopped, ran over and played it through my studio quality headphones and I’d advise you do the same (to fully appreciate the art in this track). Now let me get into the story of “Girls Like You” – it revolves around a girl who is messing around with her boyfriend like forgetting his birthday and refusing to apologize…and of course wanting him back every time he decides to leave. Eventually he reaches his limit (and then I guess he wrote a banger pop track about it?). The romantic lyricism is very honest and relatable. What I appreciate most is the funky, groovy attitude in the song – you can literally be bawling your eyes out and still want dance to this track.

The song features a strong 80’s sound to it. “Girls like you” leads you in with epic drums and bass guitar, followed by smooth vocals most girls will swoon over. Vocally the technique used in this track is on point and aligns with the brand of the track. The pre-chorus definitely stood out and served as a great hook. This track comes as no surprise because this pop duo, Greg Shilling and Stephen Santa Teresa, has worked with esteemed names such as Julien Bunetta (One Direction, Jason Derulo) and The Aftrhrs (Maroon 5, Louis Tomlinson). Also, how cool and relevant is the lyric video for this track?

Greg and Stephen have been friends since adolescence and their bond features in the music. Their album, “Songs About Girls Like You”, is a compilation of tracks threading through the ups and downs of a relationship. “From falling in love to falling apart - it demonstrates the key moments of a relationship from beginning to end” says the LA based duo. The highly anticipated album dropped on the 24th of February 2022 and is available on all major media platforms. Do yourself the favor and have a listen to The Attire’s full album – you will thank me later...

In conclusion, I leave you with a quote Greg stated beautifully: “Pain ends. We have to latch onto hope. Stephen and I do it with music.”

Written By Nicholas Joubert



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