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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Good Girl" - Alexa Villa

Ladies! Are you tired of men stepping on your business and dictating your place in society? Define your own standards with ‘Good Girl’ by Alexa Villa. People LOVE to shove boxes down people’s throats and explain what’s “good” for you. Why allow society to determine how to "be feminine?" Take the reins of your figurative horse and bust those unjust barricades down! Affirming your own boundaries makes it impossible for others to claim that you broke the norm. You’re undeniably more worthy of deciding who you are than the men in charge ever will be!

Villa valiantly leads the crusade for the empowerment of women. “Makes you feel big to belittle a woman; use my voice I make demands, do it better than he can.” The blend of unapologetic callouts and free-spirited electric guitar generates a juggernaut of power. Her sensuous, rockstar vocals are a gut punch to the stomach for anyone who would stand against her. With a ferocious battle cry in the last chorus, Villa makes it clear that if you dare to oppose her, you’ll certainly meet your demise.

The Los-Angeles based pop-rock artist is an extraordinary force in the music industry. She’s opened for acts like Drake Bell, and Ryan Cabrera. She takes influence from artists like Miley Cyrus, 5SOS, and Alanis Morissette. She encourages listeners to embrace their individuality and be authentically imperfect. She also shines in the world of fashion, working with brands to support her initiatives. In ‘Good Girl’, she reminds us to celebrate our uniqueness without hinderance. You'll be sure to find more gems from her creative toolbox in her new EP, which will be dropping in the near future!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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