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  • Melina Darlas

"Her" - Eloise Alterman

Being the other woman doesn't necessarily mean being the woman that he sees outside of his relationship. Being the other woman could also mean being the replacement. The replacement for the woman that once was. The other woman is able to feel it; feeling as if the woman before is physically standing between her and the man she loves. Eloise captures this situation in her beautiful single "Her." Being able to see that your partner is miles away, in a world with the woman he used to be with when they are right in front of you is such a dreadful feeling. She feels that everything that she has to offer will always pale in comparison to the woman he can't move on from.

This song as a whole is such a somber and elegant piece of art. From the first piano key to the final guitar strokes, "Her" stays consistent with this melancholy mood. The lyrics especially make a major impact on translating that feeling of being on the sidelines in your own relationship. The lyrics tell a story of how she will never be more than the other woman. "I'm a tattoo on your sleeve" but "She's the tattoo on your heart" paints the picture of how the woman before is permanently embedded into her lover's heart. Eloise's velvety voice translates the pain associated with this feeling so gracefully, she truly has the perfect voice to fit such a passionate piece.

Born and raised in Detroit, Eloise grew up writing and performing music. Her favorite part of her day-to-day life growing up was the times she was able to sit down and just play her instruments. When she was eighteen, she finally made the move to Nashville to grow her music career. The people and environment of Nashville drove her to work hard on herself and her music, shaping her into the artist she has become today. Songwriting has always been her safe space, making her pieces very personal works of art. Eloise's newest album Sad Bird is the perfect display of her heartfelt songwriting process. She revealed that this album was crafted off of journal entries she had written, making this work an authentic display of her inner being.

Written By Melina Darlas



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