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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"House On Fire" - Alexis Lynn

‘House On Fire’ by Alexis Lynn is beautifully vulnerable. The song centers around Lynn watching a loved one self-destruct through addiction. It’s heartbreaking when we want to intervene in a situation like this but can’t because the other person doesn’t want our help. From our perspective “on the outside looking in,” we may notice things about them that they can’t see and wish that they could. We feel powerless. Citing the complex feelings that arise when this happens, Lynn urges us to keep supporting these individuals however we can. Who knows? Maybe one day they’ll accept our offer of assistance. But until then, be patient and give them space.

A standout feature in the lyrics is the depiction of a house burning down, and the person going through the addiction is trapped inside. “Chasing temporary fixes, you won’t call it looks to me that you don’t wanna be saved.” Lynn’s like the smoke detector in the house who’s begging the person to wake up and listen. In a very salient demeanor, she expresses the aching sensation she feels while being stuck on the sidelines. At the same time, her commitment to this individual is as powerful as her evocative lead vocals. With the addition of angelic harmonies and banging-on-the-door drum kicks, you feel the sheer intensity of Lynn’s internal struggle. It’s a fervent, soul-stirring work that gives a simple image an incredible new meaning!

Vancouver-based artist Alexis Lynn is the heiress of urban pop. Her magnetic songwriting delves into a plethora of topics such as love, lust, vulnerability, and self-awareness. Her creations include anywhere from dance music-inspired anthems about insecurity to flirtatious, club-friendly bops about emotional availability. ‘House On Fire’ is just one of those amazing songs. Her next project is a multi-faceted deep dive into mental health and its effects on our lives and relationships. Stay tuned!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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