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  • Emily Hancock

"How It Ends (feat. DEQR)" - Drew Now

"How It Ends (feat. DEQR)” perfectly describes that lost in translation feeling we get in a relationship. “You live on Mars, while I live on Venus”. Drew Now sings about overthinking a relationship to the point where it feels like you’re two worlds apart because you’re misreading everything. Misunderstandings in relationships are all too common- Drew sings about how ultimately, we are self-sabotaging ourselves by this repetitive overanalyzing pattern. The song continues by saying how she knows that inevitably the relationship will end in a heartbreak. This relaxed yet upbeat tune is perfect for when you’re in your feels but still want to jam to music.

This electronic-pop song puts a much more upbeat spin on an ended relationship. The featured parts from DEQR add a lot of electronic and remixed beats that are responsible for making that catchy upbeat base of the song. Drew’s vocals are in a high range for most of the song and sung in a very effortless way. She has this cool and relaxed vibe to her tone that makes each note feel like it wasn’t hard at all. Even though the song is about misunderstandings in relationships, this hit still makes me want to dance around and sing along to the lyrics.

Drew Now has been making music from a young age at her home in Ontario, Canada. She soon found fame after being featured on America’s Got Talent Season 13. From there, she released her first EP back in 2013 when she was only 16. Drew Now currently has 6 singles out and more are to be expected. If you like artists like Daya, then you’ll love Drew Now. She truly is someone to pay attention to in upcoming months!

Written By Emily Hancock



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