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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"I don't talk about you" - Amanda Alexander x VAAAL

The people who’ve helped us through a key formative period in our lives...our ride-or-dies...what happens if we outgrow them? Sure. They no longer play a main character role, but there’s no dismissing their powerful influence on us. ‘I don’t talk about you’ by Amanda Alexander and VAAAL eloquently puts into words the feeling of permanently being changed by the people you love, even long after the fact. “I can’t forget the way you used to say my name, we’ll never be the same.” They’re like an unforgettable stamp on our hearts. We don’t often consider it, and it’s beautiful when we do.

The intro is a subtle, synth-pop melody. You don't think much of it and then BOOM! Alexander lights up the room with an explosive chorus! Her vocals have the strength of a valiant warrior, but the dreaminess of a mythical siren. VAAAL's energetic production only enhances that. “And I know how it ends, I couldn't stay, but I couldn't go; and I hate to say I wish you were lighting up my phone.” Alexander thought she had emptied her mind of this person, but she can’t deny the impact that the relationship had on her. She allows herself to get emotional, and you’ll really feel how deep that energy well goes. You’ll be thinking about your own connections in a totally new way!

Swedish artist Amanda Alexander is well-known for her dreamy vocals and 80s-inspired sound. She worked with LA-based producer and writer David (“VAAAL”) to breathe life into ‘I don’t talk about you’. They met in LA several years ago and put this song together piece by piece during Alexander’s trips to the area. VAAAL’s a wiz at pop production, and he’s assisted on numerous musical projects in the entertainment industry. Using his talents and Alexander's powerful melodies, they’ve created the ultimate emotional ballad. These are two artists worth watching out for!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez




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