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  • Nicholas Joubert

"If It's Not You" - Noah Andres

Have you ever felt a love so deep for someone, that you cannot imagine yourself with anyone else? A love so deep, it actually hurts. When you feel so protective, that you are willing to let this person go because you know they will be happier with someone else? This love, so very deep, it crushes your soul...yet you just cannot get yourself to let them go. And this is what "If It's Not You" by Noah Andres is about. It is the perfect theme song if you find yourself in a situation like this. ="I can't even love if it is not you" as his lyrics go is such an amazing heartfelt love declaration. Personally, I hope to experience a love like this.

"If Its Not You" is a fast paced pop track, which features several hooks within the song. The pre-chorus has a nice build to it, performed by drum sounds. The chorus sounds very similar to a dubstep vibe. Vocally, both the male lead (Noah Andres) and female lead (Siara Valdes) compliments each other and the track well. The production is of high quality and it makes all the difference. It is what separates an average track from a great one.

Noah, not being a stranger to the music industry, has been releasing music single 2019. Having a good repertoire behind his back, I am excited to see how Noah grows as an artist and develop his skill even further. If you keep writing heartfelt love declarations like "If It's Not You", I am sure your fans will keep coming back, wanting more from you Noah.

Written By Nicholas Joubert



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