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  • Tessa Brainard

Interview: "Arrived" - Nicolette

The lyrics of "Arrived" are so moving and beautiful. What was your inspiration behind this song?

Nicolette: At the time I wrote "Arrived" I was very inspired by the imagery and storytelling of "All Too Well" by Taylor Swift. I had been wanting to share my experience with my breakup and decided the best way to encapsulate the intense emotions would be by taking the listener with me on the story of the last car ride and sharing the sights, feelings, and thoughts that all occurred throughout

What would you like fans to take away from this song?

Nicolette: I hope my fans can find comfort in my words; as we all go through heartbreak in some form, and while it may be difficult to let go and feel the feelings, they can find solice in knowing they aren't alone.

You were born in Gainesville, Florida but relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina in order to pursue your music career. How do you feel the music scenes differ between both places?

Nicolette: For me, the music scene in Charlotte feels very tight-knit. I feel a sense of family and immense support. Florida has a wide range of artistic talents and styles which was great for helping me try many different styles until I found what seems most fitting for me as an artist and individual.

You've been writing songs for many years now. Aside from "Arrived," which song of yours is your favorite?

Nicolette: I have been writing songs for over 15 years now (since the age of seven). My favorite song that I've written to date is an unreleased song (which I'm planning to release in a future project) called "Madman."

If you could work with any other musician, alive or dead, who would it be?

Nicolette: The artist I would love to work with would be Taylor Swift. I'm so inspired by her music in every aspect, and she has been a huge influence on the artist I am today.

What are your musical bucket list goals for this year?

Nicolette: I have so many goals for this year, but the ones I'm really working for are an EP and/or Album, doing an Album/EP release tour, solidifying my style, sound, and brand, and collaborating with several artists.

Interviewed By Tessa Brainard



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