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  • Kendall Koval

Interview: "Cigarettes & Heartbreak" - Jazzie Young

Q: ‘Cigarettes & Heartbreak’ is so beautiful! What is the story behind the


Jazzie: Thank you so much! It really turned out to be one of my favorite songs

post production, there’s a real ‘indie vibed out’ element to it that not a lot

of my previous songs have had. The song is really about the end of a

relationship and that period of time where you’ve been separated for a

bit and you know that its for the best, but you can’t quite seem to get that

person fully out of your system. It's really about the lingering dull ache

that comes with ending something that wasn’t ultimately fulfilling. The

idea behind the lyrics ‘cigarettes & heartbreak on repeat’ specifically

really was linked to a particular guy that I was seeing who reminded me

of cigarette smoke and rollercoaster emotions, that was our relationship

wrapped up into a few words for me.

Q: What was it like to film the music video for this song?

Jazzie: This music video actually came together rather seamlessly. Filming

was so fun and easy that I almost forgot it was work. We had filmed in

the same location the day before for my music video “27 club”, and its

one of those sets that feels like a real life 1970s apartment. So by the

second day of filming, it started to feel like home. The crew that was on

this shoot, along with all of the other videos from this EP, was super

small so it allowed for a lot of play time and experimentation when it

came to filming. My director/DP, Shelby Parks, and I decided last minute

to draw faces on this one red balloon and kind of make him the place

holder for the person I was singing the song about, and it just took the

video in such a fun direction. Aesthetically speaking, I also really enjoyed

how the video came out.

Q: How did growing up in California influence your music career?

Jazzie: So, I actually was born in Northern California but we moved when I

was only one years old due to our house burning down. It wasn’t until I

graduated college that I moved back to California! But even though I

didn’t grow up here, I feel like California has so many songs written

about it, and so many movies that it was still influential to me and my artistry. It’s an ideal that can be really inspiring even if you aren’t physically here.

Q: What is your personal favorite out of the songs you have released?

You can only pick one!

Jazzie: That’s so hard! It really depends on what mood I’m in, however I

guess at the moment I’d have to say 27 club.

Q: Who would you say has been your biggest influence?

Jazzie: You know I’ve thought about this a lot but I don’t think I can really

point towards one specific person. Like most people I’ve listened to

music and been surrounded by it through my family since I was very

young. So there are so many artists and bands that I’ve been exposed to

and loved over the years, and I think that love and connection to a single

song or artist is so inspiring even if you don’t end up writing in a similar

genre. I think that’s why my music doesn’t fully fit into a specific genre

category, because it’s this culmination of experiences and different

artists and genres.

Q: What is some of the best advice you have received?

Jazzie: Write music that feels authentic to you. As long as you’re doing things

you genuinely love, people will be able to tell. And I think that’s

something I’ve learned with the production element, I always try to let the

song guide me in the direction it wants to go instead of forcing it to be

something it isn’t. People can really tell when you’re trying to put off

something that isn’t authentic, it just doesn’t work. I’m working a lot on

following my intuition and my own desires as opposed to following what

other people think is ‘good’ or ‘right’.

Interviewed By Kendall Koval



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