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  • Sophia Henry

Interview: "Dancing On My Own" - Bella Jane

Photo Credits: Brett Wood

This song has a beautiful melody with emotions of sadness and healing, what events inspired this piece?

Bella: This song’s on my first proper break-up, where we’d been together so long. Going from speaking every day to never was a hard transition for me. When you have somebody who is a part of your daily life, and they totally leave it, it leaves a very lonely feeling. I think it was just about coming to terms with that fact and accepting the situation for what it was. It’s a song about reflecting, growing, healing, and being in the phase of the break-up cycle, where you’re slowly starting to acknowledge that you won’t be in their life anymore.

On March 24th, you will be performing Dancing On My Own for the first time live at the Junk Bar in Australia, how do you feel about your debut performance?

Bella: I am super excited. This will be my first show where I headline, which is a lovely thought. I think writing and performing are two totally different worlds, but I’m really keen to share all the things I’ve been working hard on in the studio for the last few years with everyone.

Being a recently new artist with a few songs out, what are your future aspirations and how do you plan on meeting them?

Bella: One of my goals in the near future is to put out an EP. I’ve been working with my lovely and skilled producer Tom Eggert for about five or so years now, and we have a whole catalogue of songs that we’ve been saving for an EP. I think it’ll be more writing projects with other people, because the whole writing production process I have to admit, is my absolute favourite part. I love learning from other artists and working with new people. I think working with new people has been the most helpful way for me to learn and keep pushing my creativity. Being flexible and open always pays off in a session with other people.

How has being based in Australia influenced the way you make music?

Bella: I think being an Australian musician, particularly in Brisbane has set me up to work with some really lovely people who are very loyal and dedicated to their craft. I have a little family of artists and producers I work with often and it’s really nice to be a part of a little community.I also just love Australian artists and bands and music. I take a lot of inspiration from what I hear on Triple J, which is really popular Australian radio, that plays heap of homegrown artists.

Photo Credits: Brett Wood

Tell listeners a fun fact about yourself!

Bella: I have been writing, since I was about 10 and recording since 11. I like to believe I come from a family of creative people, got lots of riders and painters, and so Music is always been a natural part of my everyday life. Little bit about me, I’m an animal and nature lover. I take a heap of inspiration from going on big rainforest walks or a pretty sunset. I have the most beautiful sausage dog named Chipolata (or Chippy for short) who will sit next to me as I draft up my songs on piano- she has a special seat that sits next to the piano.

What shows and music can we expect to see from you in the future?

Bella: I think it’ll be a lot more exploring my sound and seeing where it takes me. I’m really into the pop sound, and I love to see heavier drums and guitars in my music. But I also love indie and would love to incorporate some more bits through my music. I think it’ll hopefully some more happy songs. I think I’ve taken my time to write a slow saddies and while I’ll always be writing on the deep stuff, hopefully a couple more upbeat, fun ones.

Interviewed By Sophia E. Henry



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