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  • Vanessa Siebrass

Interview: "Dancing With The Dogs" - Connor Kirk

“Dancing With The Dogs” is insanely catchy. I will definitely have this in my head for the next couple of days. What was the inspiration behind it, and what emotion do you hope it evokes in your listeners?

Connor: Thank you so much. The musical inspiration was to try and combine the energy of beat-driven pop with the grittier aesthetic of lo-fi punk music. Lyrically it was inspired by dystopian novels that I was reading at the time.

Which song of your own is your current favorite – you can only pick one!

Connor: It's always the one that I write tomorrow.

Has your recent move to Philly had any impact on your musical style?

Connor: Absolutely. I've been getting to play in front of a crowd almost every night in Philly, and that's altered the way I write. I've been thinking more in terms of what a particular sound or lyric will do in a live context. I'll often visualize myself playing the song in front of a Philly crowd as I write it. Exploring the underground art scene in Philly has been fascinating as well. You meet a lot of characters who end up in the songs in one way or another.

How long have you been playing guitar, and what made you first want to play?

Connor: I've been playing guitar for roughly ten years. I was always very shy as a child, and as I started growing toward adolescence I began searching for ways to explore my consciousness and express what I found. There was a cheap old acoustic guitar lying around the house, and around that time I began feeling powerfully drawn to it.

What do you find is the biggest difference between acoustic and electric performances? Does your musical approach or mentality differ when playing one versus the other?

Connor: The difference is in the tools you have to work with--the kinds of energy. They are very different skills, but each informs the other. You're required to be compelling in different ways, as you can't make a chalk drawing with oil paints. But you can make a damn good oil painting if you know how. I've been practicing a lot and have so much room for improvement in both areas.

Of your live performances, which would you say has been your most memorable thus far?

Connor: I recently got to open for the band, Ceramic Animal on their summer tour at a venue in Lancaster, PA. That was particularly thrilling, as I'm a fan of their work. My band was together, the crowd was enthusiastic, and the stars seemed to align that night in a unique way.

Interviewed By Vanessa Siebrass



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