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  • Kendall Koval

Interview: "Feeling" - EQUAL

Q: This song is so catchy! What is the story behind it?

CHELSEA: Thank you so much! Basically, this song is about being in this almost purgatory stage of a relationship. It's about the frustration in waiting, the past trauma mixing with the present day growth, as well as not knowing where you stand with someone. I write a lot about many situations blended into one song, and that's what this song became.

Q: You have a brand new album that just came out, which is very exciting! What was your favorite part of the process to create your debut album?

SALEEN: My favorite part is always the initial release and then come the performances. A lot goes into the process of preparing and I think the chaos is also a little exciting because you know something amazing is coming. I do enjoy the serenity and calmness of writing the songs as well though, its always the first step of what's to come.

CHELSEA: My favorite part is the songwriting, when the song first comes to life and the vision is so clear. I find the faster you record the song after writing, the more true it will feel to the initial feeling you had writing the song.

Q: What is your favorite song off of your new album?

SALEEN: Desire is my favorite song off this EP. I'm most passionate about the meaning behind it. It can feel like a trap when you are in a cycle that just repeats itself constantly.. this song is a small glimpse of hope for me because it reminds me that I do still have that hope that I can escape the loop, because sometimes even I get too comfortable with what I hate because its the normal for me. Chelsea and I wrote this together and for me it was a really calming experience to write it and it brings me back to that peace for just a few minutes.

CHELSEA: I am always a big DESIRE fan due to the ending, the overall meaning, and the fun time Saleen and I had writing it on the lakefront of Oshawa. It is definitely the most inspiring to me because it is all about pursuing what you want in life and letting go of what is unfulfilling- definitely a song for the creatives out there.

Q: What is it like to work beside your sibling as a musician?

SALEEN: It is a wild experience really, because yeah, we do bicker, but I can't write with anyone else like how I do with Chelsea. I can be annoying to write with but I'm really grateful that we do get to have those moments together.

CHELSEA: It can always be a bit tough because we bicker like any other sibling. But we will get over fights immediately and go to a drive thru minutes later so it's kind of perfect.

Q: What has been one of your favorite moments while performing live?

SALEEN: Probably when we played the Rivoli, when we performed Desire. It's always awesome to play this song but the energy was just different at this show. Just like how it was writing the song, it's just as good performing it, it feels rewarding. It's also just got that really cool time change after the bridge that hypes you up.

CHELSEA: One of many is the first time we had a huge crowd interaction. We were performing for an event in Brooklyn and we asked the crowd to sing along to our song. The crowd was so loud, singing our lyrics at an outdoor venue in the middle of the night. This was one of the first moments I had realized we really had a shot at this whole music thing.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in terms of your future as a duo?

SALEEN: I'm definitely looking forward to us collaborating with other artists, and playing more live shows. The most exciting part about music is trying new things and breaking the molds you always form to. Live shows are always the most rewarding part, too. It's like the celebration after you've finished creating your project, and beginning to share it with everyone. I'd also love to make this our full time thing. It's always the goal to make it our livelihood, and it's just something we're both so passionate about.

CHELSEA: Paying my bills with just music haha. Besides the essentials, playing live shows, getting to meet our inspirations, and constantly growing as artists to create something we are super proud of.

Interviewed By Kendall Koval



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