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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "I Lied" - FAÏNN

Congratulations on the release of your new single, “I Lied”! Can you share the story behind this song and what inspired you to write it?

FAÏNN: Thank you! I Lied is a song honestly so close to my heart. It was the first song I ever brought into a co-write, and it was with one of my best friends (who also produced it). I was at a point in my life where I had spent years following "safe" or what I thought were smart choices (particularly in my career). And I came to a point where I realized if I continued down the path I was on, I would be an incredibly unhappy, bitter person. I was so stressed and depressed, and I didn't recognize who I had become. I looked like I had it all together, but I didn't at all. I was absolutely broken, and I felt like I had been lying to myself and to everyone I knew about who I really was. And so, I walked into the co-write with my friend and just started talking about everything I was going through, and that's how the song came to be.

How did you get your start in music? Was it a passion of yours from a young age?

FAÏNN: I grew up singing from a very young age. My parents loved music, so we always had music playing in the house. That's really where I first started singing. Putting on little shows in our living room. I felt so connected to it. It sounds funny, but I loved sad, slow songs from a very young age. Singing and expressing myself in that way has always really helped me process my emotions. I eventually learned how to play piano as well, but I just always felt like singing was really the thing I was always meant to do.

Do you have recommendations on places to hit while in Nashville? I’m going again soon, and I’d love some suggestions!

FAÏNN: Oh my goodness, yes! Margot Cafe in East Nashville is one of my all time favorite restaurants. It's been here for years, and it's absolutely fabulous. Walking around 12 South on a Saturday is really fun. There are all sorts of things to see and do around that area. And if you like hiking, you must visit Radnor Lake. It is absolutely stunning! Listening Room Cafe and Third & Lindsley are great places to go hear music. And if you've never been to the Ryman, you should definitely book a tour.

Can you tell us about your Kickstarter campaign you’re currently running?

FAÏNN: I started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund my debut EP. I Lied is actually going to be the first release off the project. It's going to include five tracks and four songs. I'm actually going to include an extended cut of I Lied on it, which I'm really excited about!

I've got all sorts of fun rewards tiers. I wanted to give things that felt personal and make the donors feel like they are a part of this project. Which is the truth, because it wouldn't be possible without them! We are at 68% funding with 26 days to go, so I hope we make it!

If you could collab with artists in the world, who would you pick and why?

FAÏNN: There are so many that I would love to collaborate with, but if I had to choose one person, it would have to be Lady Gaga. I love her voice and the honesty in her writing. And it seems like she is one of the kindest, most caring souls on the planet. As an artist, I think it's so important to use your voice and your music to help others, and I admire her so much for doing that. That's the kind of artist I aspire to be.

What can we expect from your EP releasing later this year? Are you able to hint at a release date? I can’t wait to hear it!! :)

FAÏNN: You are so kind! It makes me so happy to hear that people are excited about hearing it because I'm so excited about sharing it. The exact date will partially depend on how the Kickstarter project goes and how quickly I can make things happen, but I'm hoping to release it in the fall. :)

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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