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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "I'll wait for you" - MIOH

I genuinely love your new single “I’ll wait for you”. It was such a beautiful song with such raw emotion, I can’t get enough. What is the story behind this new track?

MIOH: Thank you so much! It goes straight to my heart! Indeed, this song is full of emotions, because it relates a love story which was hanging on by a thread. It talks about hope, about wait, but also about kindness. The purpose of this song was to make the wounds of the heart a little more bearable.

What does your songwriting process look like? And what was the process like for your new single specifically?

MIOH: Generally, I wrote music and lyrics together, sometimes in french, sometimes in english. I use to be alone when I write and I really like the idea of doing everything from start to finish, like on this EP where features "I'll wait for you". This song is a little bit particular because I first accompanied it with piano, wanting to make something very calm, in piano-vocals, then I tried another universe, totally different, with acoustic guitar, electric guitar and other arrangements. It evolved a lot in a short time.

MIOH is so unique, I love it! What made you choose this as your stage name?

MIOH: Thank you so much! I chose my stage name after watching the movie Into the Wild. Christopher McCandless, the protagonist, reads and writes a lot. In one of the books he reads, we can see this phrase : "such is my idea of happiness". I kept the first letters of "My Idea Of Happiness" and MIOH was born. Because that's what music represents to me.

What is your favorite thing about performing your music live? To me, there is nothing like experiencing live music, especially after these last few years without it!

MIOH: You're right! I think we didn't realize how important it is to listen to live music, to fully feel the emotions. I think what i like the most about playing live music is when people stop for a moment, take the time to listen, to breathe, to close their eyes and to enjoy the moment. The smiles and the people dancing also touch me deeply.

What do you hope people get out of listening to your music? And for “I’ll wait for you” specifically?

MIOH: I hope people will take the time to feel the emotions they tend to hide. I believe that they are what make us alive, what make us feel alive. Through music, I hope to highlight our feelings, the optimism but also the right to not always feel happy. I see music as a way to share ! I think that's its main function.

Do you have anything else you’re doing or that’s coming out this year that you can talk about?

MIOH: Yes ! Projects make us, shape us! There is never enough of them! Video clips are being shot and a single is being recorded. And this summer, you will find me in France on the restaurant terrace, for the World music Day, or in festivals for live moments! Thanks a lot for your welcome on your blog!

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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