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  • Hannah Conkin

Interview: "In the End" - Dylon Maggio

"In the End", your new single, is a slow, haunting song much different from your other releases. How was creating this new release different from your past projects?

Dylon: "In the End" was an extension of the artist I desire to be. I don't want to be boxed in, into being one genre. I like to make music that I'd like to listen to and this is one in the same.

How do you balance your modeling career with your music career? Do you ever plan to prioritize one over the other?

Dylon: Modeling and music go hand-in-hand, with fashion being such a big part of communication like music they have seamlessly fit with one another. Yes, I plan to start focusing more heavily on my music, a process that has already begun this year, thus far I am pleased. I definitely don't want to neglect my modeling career and all the doors that has opened.

What motivated you to pursue a music career? Any important influences in your life?

Dylon: Yes since I'm around so many artists in New York it awakened a passion and creativity that had laid dormant for many years. I've always sung, but now I've taken everything from song writing, production, and engineering a lot more professionally.

How do you go about beginning a new project?

Dylon: With new projects I like to have the music write itself, at times I'll start with a melody and build around that, but most of the time I allow the music to breathe.

If you weren't modeling or making music. What do you think you would be doing? Something creative still?

Dylon: Great question, I'm not entirely sure. I think there's creativity in all sorts of occupations, so I definitely think I'd be doing something creative, but couldn't be sure as to what.

What're your hopes or plans for the future with respect to your music career?

Dylon: My hopes musically would be to release some new music and go on tour with a talented artist. I've performed a bit in New York and would love to explore other markets.

Interviewed By Hannah Conkin



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