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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Knock On Wood" - Lola Balter

Your new single “Knock On Wood” is so beautiful, I am genuinely so impressed! What is the story behind this new song, and can you share the creative process behind it?

Lola: I always say Knock on Wood is a very self-reflective song, even though it may seem like I’m talking about someone else, it's definitely a song I wrote looking at myself and trying to convey some of the emotions I was going through with my self-image. My process is different every time, but with Knock on Wood, I remember I had the phrase knock on wood stuck in my head and I figured out a melody on piano first and basically just wrote what flowed and felt right to me.

How did you get your start writing and making music?

Lola: I really started writing music at around 11, I hadn’t actually tried to write before but I was a singer and I remember people telling me to start writing music while I was young, because that’s how you find your own sound, singing your own music rather than someone else’s.

What song do you have on repeat right now?

Lola: “Lover you should’ve come over” and “Grace” By Jeff Buckley

What other musician would you say you admire or look up to the most and why?

Lola: There's a lot of songwriters I consider role models and look up to, but I absolutely adore Fiona Apple. Her lyricism and melodies are some of the most interesting and beautiful I have heard.

Where do you hope to see your career 10 years from now? You’re so young and just getting started, the sky's the limit!!

Lola: Hopefully continuing making as much music as possible and performing! Live performing is really an amazing experience and I hope to perform at as many venues as possible.

There is no doubt you have an insanely bright future ahead of you and I can’t wait to follow your journey! So, what can we expect next from you? Any upcoming projects you can talk about? :)

Lola: Yes! I definitely have some exciting projects in the making now so be sure to keep an ear out :)

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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