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  • Hannah Conkin

Interview: "New Earth" - Lily Wolfe

"New Earth" is a beautiful, melodic song that evokes strong emotions. What's the inspiration behind it?

Lily: I wrote this song on Christmas Eve, after the first year of the pandemic, so I was thinking a lot about the world and the amount of sheer disaster that happened in such a short space of time. It was also originally a Christmas present for my mum, so I wanted it to be special for her and have our relationship be the focal point of the story. Some lines in the song were inspired by things we've both said, so I like to think that the song is written from both of our perspectives.

As a singer-songwriter, what's your process like when you begin a new project?

Lily: I usually have a melodic idea in mind before I sit down to do any actual writing. It's either that or a chord progression I've come up with that I like the sound of. But I rarely start writing the lyrics first. For this project, I started with chords and deliberately played around with ones I hadn't used before because I wanted this song to sound different from everything else I had written.

What's it like being part of the UK music scene?

Lily: It's honestly really exciting! I think being surrounded by people who love to listen to the same music as you makes it so much easier to discover new artists because you're always talking about music. I'm surrounded by a lot of talented people too. It just makes me want to get better at what I do, whether that's writing, performing, or just how I interact with people in the industry. Brighton is also considered the mecca for music in the U.K., so I feel very lucky to be here!

How did you develop your sound? How has it evolved since you first started writing songs at age 11?

Lily: When I first started writing songs, I was doing a lot of character writing and shifting the perspective away from my own life. I think I was either too shy to talk about how I felt at such a young age or hadn't gone through enough life experience to say anything meaningful. My music taste was also very radio-based, so I built all of my songs around four-chord structures and pop melodies. I found it quite difficult to find my sound as a teenager because I will quite literally listen to anything, and am not influenced by any particular genre. I experimented a lot with my vocals until I found where I was most comfortable and kept writing until eventually, I stopped sounding like other songwriters and my narrative voice came through.

Who is someone you'd love to collaborate with some time and why?

Lily: An artist I've been obsessed with recently is Maisie Peters. I just think her songwriting style is so unique and it inspires me to just write about what I want and to stop imposing rules on myself. She's also a really good example of an artist who genuinely just has fun doing what she does, which I think is really important. I would love to collaborate with her, that would be an absolute dream.

What has been one of your favorite live performances?

Lily: I recently played at the Folklore Rooms in Brighton, which was a big achievement, because it's one of my favorite venues to go to. The turnout was honestly way bigger than I expected and the room's energy was so lovely and supportive, which is the best type of gig!

Interviewed By Hannah Conkin



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