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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Not A Crime" - Juli Chan

Congratulations on the release of “Not A Crime”! It is for sure some of your best work so far!! What inspired you to write this new track?

Juli: Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. I try to inspire and make other people's lives better with my music, if only for a moment. In this world of indecision and overwhelming thoughts constantly running through our heads, we should hold our heads high, stay true to our values and never compromise our honour. And that's not a crime at all.

What was your first introduction to music? And when did you know it was something you wanted to pursue further?

Juli: I started taking vocal lessons at a young age and gained experience performing on various stages by competing in vocalist competitions, television music shows, and festivals. And now that I'm motivating myself by coming up with new sounds, lyrics, and melodies, I'm also crafting them. I think I've always been aware of it. My passion for music is limitless and unending.

Do you have artists you would consider inspiration when it comes to your song and style of songwriting?

Juli: My artistic sensibility and musical talent are two things that I adore passing on to others so that I can help them compose the soundtracks to their lives in the Juli Chan style.

I am blown away by your music video for “Not a Crime”!! Can you take us through how you came up with the storyline for the video?

Juli: I enjoy the game of chess and am still learning. If you've got a good move, find an even better one! I believe we've all been caught up in our emotions at times, unsure of our next "move." The video is inspired by the "Immortal Game," a chess match between Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky on 21 June 1851 in London during a break in the first international tournament. Anderssen's daring sacrifices made it one of the most famous chess games of all time.

If you could pick three songs to be the soundtrack of your life, which would you pick?

Juli: I've always been a POP girl, so the song "Finish Line" by Rita Ora would be the soundtrack to my life, which is a female empowerment anthem. Before presenting my own material, I performed Ari's "Bad Idea," which I interpreted from the bottom of my heart. The third is the song "Not A Crime" -by me! This is my first English release and I co-wrote the song with a Swedish writer and composer duo. I was curious to see how people would react to it.

What’s next for you? Any projects you can discuss just yet? I have become such a fan after hearing this single so I’m so excited to see what else you do!!

Juli: A debut album with some great unreleased singles is on the way. One of them is made in collaboration with the UK's leading producer. I'm so proud and can't wait to show this to you. The Chan World Tour is the pinnacle of fandom fantasy, but I have faith it will one day come true.

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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