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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "R.I.P. (Dead 2 Me)" - Gabriella Stella

Congratulations on the release of your new fantastic single “R.I.P. (Dead 2 Me)”!! What is the story behind this new track and what was your inspiration for writing it?

Gabriella: This song is about needing to let a relationship die in order to heal. I think we owe it to ourselves to do what is best for us. Sometimes we need to be selfish and it’s ok to take care of you.

When did you start making your own music? Can you take us through your creative process?

Gabriella: I started making music when I was 12, I would write with my piano and start to write lyrics. I didn’t start recording until I was 15 with covers. It helped me find my voice and start to feel comfortable recording. I like to keep my mind open so creativity can strike at any time. You have to allow yourself to be open to any idea. I get inspired by phrases, conversations, current music, street signs, etc. Sometimes ideas aren’t always going to be great ones. But stick with them because bad ideas can turn into great ones.

I know Harry Styles is a big influence when it comes to your music, so as a HUGE Harry Styles fan, I must know… what’s your favorite Harry song

Gabriella: This is such a tough question; but I have to stick with Kiwi. I love the rock n roll sounds from Harry. I think he has such a versatile voice and this song shows it with ease.

What are your favorite things to do when you’re not making music or performing?

Gabriella: I love to cook new recipes or binge watch shows. I am addicted to the real housewives, any of the franchises. I am just a sucker for a good reality show. What can I say? But as far as cooking goes: I am vegan so I love to experiment. I love finding new ways to cook certain vegetables. I truly enjoy cooking and the moment the recipe is a success; it's the best!

You’ve gotten to perform at some incredible places, which would you say has been the most memorable so far? And do you have a venue that you dream of playing one day?

Gabriella: The most memorable performance had to be Disneyland. It was incredible to be backstage and see the magic behind Disney. We had a great performance and then we all got to enjoy Disneyland. My dream venue would have to be Madison Square Garden. That would just be incredible to sell that venue out.

What can we expect next from you?! I’m excited to hear more from you :)

Gabriella: I am currently working on some new music and focusing on my songwriting skills. I have had a tough year healthwise; so I am ready for new music and the new year. So keep updated with all my social media for new music!

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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