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  • Vanessa Siebrass

Interview: "Ride This Out With Me" - Molly Aisha

“Ride This Out with Me” is such a vibe – it feels like an excellent rainy-day song, perfect for moody inner reflection. What served as the inspiration behind this track?

Molly Aisha: Thanks so much! So I was bored in my uni bedroom, stuck in isolation, and really missing my loved ones. I had the idea of writing a repetitive song to reflect how insane I was going from waking up every day in the same room, doing the same things, and missing the same people. I started playing around with some warm chords that sounded happier than I intended, but I went along with it anyway. It soon ended up becoming an optimistic song about the excitement of life getting better again rather than one about wallowing in my isolation blues. I'm more than okay with that, I think a happy song needed to squeeze out of me at some point!

You supported Imogen Harper earlier this year at Northern Guitars. What was that experience like for you?

Molly Aisha: It was such a good night, the audience was extremely supportive and respectful throughout my set, and of course, Imogen's performance was incredible.

I see from your Insta that you play guitar and piano/keyboard. How did you get started? Do you have your eye on learning any additional instruments in the near future?

Molly Aisha: I started learning the basics of both around the age of 10 or 11, as I had the instruments in my house, but I didn't have the patience at that age to sit down learning sheet music for several hours. I had a lot more fun just experimenting than being formally taught, and it's been like that since. As for additional instruments, I've always loved the idea of learning drums but never got 'round to it; follow along to see if it ends up happening!

What was it like to make it to Open Mic UK finals, and what knowledge did you gain from those performances?

Molly Aisha: I'd never performed in front of a huge audience like that before, so it was very daunting but still an incredible experience as it gave me a taste of what gigging and the music industry is really like. I learnt that it's so important to be yourself and to not waste energy comparing yourself to others, and not to take constructive criticism to heart.

If you weren’t pursuing a career in music, what would you be doing instead?

Molly Aisha: It's hard to imagine myself not doing music, but I'd probably turn to baking if I weren't pursuing it. That's a hobby of mine that's always relaxed me and lifted my spirits on bad days.

Given the opportunity to collab with any artist, past or present, who would it be, and why?

Molly Aisha: I think it would have to be Birdy; she's the kind of artist where I listen to her material and instantly think, "Wow, this resonates so much, I wish I had written that." She manages to put my messiest thoughts into relatable lyrics that I could've never come up with myself and expresses them so beautifully through her singing, so collaborating with her would be a dream.

Interviewed By Vanessa Siebrass



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