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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Sidewalks" - Shy Honey

Congratulations on the release of your new single “Sidewalks”! What was the story and inspiration behind this new song?

Shy Honey: Shy Honey's new single, "Sidewalks" is all about chasing that wild feeling of impulsivity – that desire to run away from the mundane and pent-up existence everyone felt during the lockdown the last couple years. Shy Honey admits she wrote this song because she was feeling the pain of being “isolated and alone”. It’s a song about the inner passion to feel alive again and sprint down the “sidewalks” without a care in the world.

Where did the name Shy Honey come from?

Shy Honey: Well, when I originally started this band, I was going by another name, but ended up ditching it after a couple months. It just wasn't vibing... So I went back to the drawing board. I am someone who has a softer voice -- and I have always been a little bit shy! :) Even though I love making dancy pop songs, it sometimes feels like a strange pairing of traits-- or maybe it was a good thing to be a little mysterious... haha! I wanted something that could capture the vibe of what I do... The 'honey' in Shy Honey came from an article that described my voice as being "honey dripped"... So I combined Shy and Honey... That name stuck and here we are. :)

If you could be the opener for any artist, who would you pick and why?

Shy Honey: I would love to open for Robyn or Imogen Heap. They are pop queens who have stood the test of time, and I am obsessed with every song they have ever put out. :) That would be a dream!

Fitting with your sound, is there a move from the 80s or 90s you think “Sidewalks” would fit perfectly in? Maybe even a specific iconic scene?

Shy Honey: Wow! This is a hard question, but I would have to say any movie where there is a road trip or travel montage involving the lead characters --- or a scene where the lead characters just need to run away from it all -- or they want to do something impulsive together. "Sidewalks" is all about chasing desire with a love interest, so I would say maybe a scene from "Can't Hardly Wait", "She's All That", "Cruel Intentions", "Goonies" or "Never Been Kissed" would be really fitting... So many great movies from the 80s and 90s. It's hard to choose one! :)

What are a few items on your bucket list as a group you hope to achieve in your career?

Shy Honey: We would love to open for a larger electro-pop artist in our hometown of Portland, OR. We would also love to go on tour and release a new single every couple of months.

What can we expect next from you? I can’t wait to hear more, hopefully soon!! :)

Shy Honey: We have another single coming out this summer! Stay tuned for that! :)

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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