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  • Vanessa Siebrass

Interview: "Skyfall" - Harzee

“Skyfall” is a catchy yet simultaneously poignant song. Would you mind sharing the meaning and inspiration behind it?

Harzee: Thanks so much! Well, I'll say that the bottom line of my goal was to encapsulate the emotions of a person that could deal with loss and accept that love and life have to continue to thrive in even the most sudden or devastating love droughts. I wanted to write a song that allows the listener to feel encouraged by the sound of the music despite the lyrics being accepting and welcoming to a closing chapter.

What was your reaction to learning that you had won the showcase for Tennessee Songwriters Week in Nashville? That’s quite an accomplishment!

Harzee: I'm still as speechless as I was when they announced it on stage! I had a little doubt going into the whole experience since I'm currently growing into performing my own music. Seeing so many seasoned country artists able to sing and play their guitars in front of a packed crowd left me unsure of my cool outfit and backing track. However, I believe that being set apart from everyone else is what really got me this far. I'm just glad I got the opportunity to share my music with the world on a live stage!

What led you to make the transition from your former alias, ALYX, to your current one, Harzee?

Harzee: I get asked this question a lot, and also asked about my stage name in general. I made the transition from ALYX to HARZEE for a more futuristic taste and an eye-catching name sure to pave its own way. It's unique, it's not too silly, and it fits my aesthetic in terms of my artistic vision behind my music. As for the name itself, my last name is actually 'Harris', so I took the first three letters and added 'ZEE' for some "zing". Haha!

What first sparked your interest in music, and when did you realize you wanted to pursue this full-time?

Harzee: I can wholeheartedly say that my passion and inspiration for music and performing came from seeing Ariana Grande just doing her thing since I was a little kid. I've followed her since her Nickelodeon days, so being able to see her transition from an acting career to full on pop-star was thrilling to me. Through her music, I was able to discover what fun and love behind creating art in the studio really felt and sounded like. I realized I wanted to pursue music full-time when everyone started to notice I could sing my butt off. Now, I can't imagine a life where music isn't the center and main focus of my existence.

If you could be the opening act for any band/artist, past or present, who would you choose and why?

Harzee: If I could be the opening act for any artist, it'd be either Ariana or The Weeknd. They are both geniuses and icons, and seeing how they're changing the blueprint for the music industry is something anyone could only wish to experience! They deserve their flowers. I'd pass out if I met them. I swear it.

What should fans keep an eye out for, what is next on the horizon for your musical journey?

Haree: Right now, people should definitely be streaming Skyfall and helping me get my music out to more people who will love it. BUT, they can also be on the lookout for a music video I have planned, as well as my album, "A1DAY1", which I'm in the midst of creating.

Interviewed By Vanessa Siebrass



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