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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Stories" - Stiles Brisson

I am obsessed with the vibe of your new single “Stories”!! Can you share the story behind this new track?

Stiles: Thank you so much ! yeah, it’s definitely a feel-good vibe. It’s actually kinda funny to be honest; after releasing my first single “Monday’s” (which was honestly just cuz we could), I realised how much fun this music thing was and it got pretty serious. After that, I knew that I just HAD TO put out something else. At the time of writing “Stories” I was in my cute little “bedroom pop” and “bossa nova” phase, and that’s where the chords for “Stories” come from: bossa nova. There are 2 versions of “Stories”: the OG one that I put out about 2 years ago and the one we just put out (cuz the intro was too long haha). I'm pretty grateful for where the song got me so far though ! It’s the song that got me signed to Live Nation as a recording artist. A kickstart to the kick start of my career. Here's to many more.

When did you start singing and playing the guitar? Did you instantly know music was something you wanted to pursue long term?

Stiles: Music was always on in the house. We listened to everything ! If you grow up with music, it just makes sense to you. My mum would always tell us when we hit the wrong note, even at age 4, she definitely helped with how I view music. I've been singing my whole life but I think it’s just recently that I've been starting to sing professionally. I'm lucky enough to have been born into a music loving family. I feel like if you’d have to label my taste in music it’d definitely be hard; I listened to classical musicians like “Tchaikovsky”, all the way to “Rage Against the Machine” and “The 1975”, throw some “Nirvana”, “Shawn Mendes'', “Hozier'' and “Kirk Franklin” - all over the place. “Jimmy Hendrix” and I think it was “One Direction” were part of the reason I picked up guitar. I heard “Little Things” and went ‘I wanna do that’ then I heard “Smells Like Teen Spirit” from Nirvana and went like ‘YO I NEEEEED TO LEARN GUITAR’. long story short, I started playing at 13.

Who is an artist you would love to collaborate with one day?

Stiles: Can’t keep it to one there’s so many ! definitely Jacob Collier, DODIE, Gracie Abrams, Doja Cat and Tyler the Creator

Congrats on performing at Lollapalooza Paris!! Can you tell us a bit about your experience there?

Stiles: Lolla Paris was definitely something ! Being able to say that I played at the same event as Måneskin, ASAP Rocky, and many of the greats, is an honour honestly. I played at the Kidzapalooza stage so it wasn’t that big of a stage but we all gotta start somewhere. I’m down for every single Lollapalooza festival happening around the globe honestly, a cool festival for sure.

What is the number one goal on your bucket list when it comes to your music career?

Stiles: To only improve, no matter the point in my career - whether it’s musically, socially or mentally, I’d want to say that I’m happy with the material I put out. I can't wait for the day where I’m in an arena or stadium or ANYWHERE and have people screaming the lyrics I write and love. With that comes the ability to help people and that’s what I wanna do with my music: help people in any way and let them know that I’ll always be a safe space. I guess now that I think of it more, the number one goal is to create a loving and legendary community.

What can we expect from you next?! I genuinely can’t wait to follow your career and see where this journey takes you!

Stiles: I’ll be doing more rock and r&b, probably put out a few feel goods here and there cuz it’s fun ! I mean, I have over 30 songs just begging to be recorded, most of them are either alternative rock or r&b some are even folk and some are electronic. Rock or rnb will never die and that’s a fact. The songs in the works are definitely well rounded and different, in all the best ways and I can’t wait for everyone to listen.

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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