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  • Sophia Henry

Interview: "Summer Nights" - Lisa Taylr

Photo Credits: Jacques Jay Loots

Summer Nights is a song full of feeling alive and dancing, how do you want

listeners to feel when listening to it?

Lisa: I wish that people feel only pure bliss when listening to Summer Nights.

You are a young, beautiful 17-year-old musician, what do you want your listeners

to take away from your songs?

Lisa: I do not wish for anything specific when people listen to my music, only that they

enjoy themselves. Music has been a comforter for me my whole life and I hope to

create songs that other people find comfort in as well.

You’ve been open about your surgery to have a cancerous tumour removed from

your thyroid, that must’ve been so scary. How did this time in your life affect your


Lisa: I did make a conscious effort not to let my negative thoughts about the surgery

affect the mood of my music too much, as I aimed for a more uplifting tone to

represent my whole experience as a teenager and not just one aspect thereof.

However, I always wanted to stay honest in my writing and channelled my feelings

about the situation to create the song “Quicksand” which describes how I felt trapped

during this time period, just waiting for the inevitable to happen.

You are from South Africa, how does the culture there influence your sound?

Lisa: My first album had more of an international pop sound however I am busy working

on an Afrikaans project influenced heavily by local artists.

Photo Credits: Jacaranda FM

Why did you name your album “the eleventh hour”?

Lisa: People often say they’ve done something on the “eleventh hour”, meaning the last

minute. I didn’t have much time before undergoing an operation that had risks of damaging my vocal cords and wanted to have done something with my music before

then just in case something went wrong. Due to the nature of the situation the entire

album was written, recorded and produced in the 6-week time period before my

surgery and the album’s name came as a result thereof. Fortunately the operation

was success and my first album won’t be my last.

You must be so excited about the future, what are your plans?

Lisa: I plan on finishing my matric year, as it is a very busy year I won’t be able to

release as much content. I am however taking a gap year before going to university

and hope to make lots of music then.

Interviewed By Sophia Henry



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