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  • Tessa Brainard

Interview: "That's Life" - Chris de Sarandy

Photo credits: Elfesya Canimana

Congratulations on the release of "That's Life"! What has been the best part about having it out for everyone to hear so far?

Chris de Sarandy: Thank you!!! It’s an amazing but yet daunting feeling releasing new music but the reactions so far have been really great! The best part of having it out for me has actually been the opportunity to remind myself of the deeper meaning of the song which is that not everything is meant to be which I try and carry into other lanes of life outside of love.

This is such a beautiful, heartbreaking song. What advice would you have for fans who are finding themselves haunted by a past relationship like described in the song?

Chris de Sarandy: Thank you that's really cool to hear! I have to admit I’m not the best at giving advice on these topics as writing songs about it may not be for everyone haha…But I would suggest they think about what was good from that relationship, what they learned about themselves and try to use that in a positive way moving forward

You describe yourself as a "small town boy with a big man's voice." Having grown up in the suburbs of London, moving to the Cornish coast, and now living in Berlin, how do you feel each place has influenced the way you approach music and given you your voice?

Chris de Sarandy: Growing up in the suburbs of London has been really influential in the music I listen to and began to make and this is where I guess I found some sort of ‘sound’ which then developed further a lot whilst living in sleepy Cornwall as there was far more mental space for me to write and nurture the sound if that makes sense. I love being in and around the countryside and I find escaping city life provides a whole different outlook for reflection! Especially important in a city like Berlin.

I read that you inherited the worldview of believing in fate from your father. What is one serendipitous moment you can share with us that made you think it was fate?

Chris de Sarandy: haha yes I did, thanks Dad! Moving to Berlin!!!

Photo credits: Elfesya Canimana

What strengths do you believe make someone a great musician?

Chris de Sarandy: Motivation, commitment, patience and self belief

What is one goal you have for yourself musically this year?

Chris de Sarandy: To get out and play my upcoming debut e.p that’s being released in April as much as possible!

Interviewed By Tessa Brainard



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