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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Turn Out Fine" - The Astronomers

Congratulations on releasing the new song of the summer with your new single, “Turn Out Fine”! Can you tell us what the inspiration behind this song is?

MIchael: We are all at points in our life where we are making big changes. Graduating college, relationships, trying to find places to live/jobs, whatever it may be, it's scary! Even though life seems to be going right in so many ways, it feels like it's up in the air. This song, although written over a year ago, feels like it is making the most since now to us. Turn Out Fine will be the perfect summer anthem for your crazy, exciting life.

How did you two meet? And what made you come together to start a band?

Ben: We met in jazz band in middle school. We sat by each other because we both played saxophone. Both of us loved soloing and improvising in jazz band. In highschool we formed a garage band with four other friends and we played at local events. After highschool, we went to different colleges. I went to UW Platteville for construction management and Michael went to UW Oshkosh for music education. While I was at Platteville, I was working on producing music every night by myself. After a while, I got sick of making music by myself and thought it’d be way more fun to work on music with someone. In February 2019, I facetimed Michael and asked if he wanted to make this a duo.

Who are some of your biggest influences for your music? I really love the vibe y’all have going on!

Ben: We are heavily influenced by Surfaces, AJR, Quinn XCII, Jon Bellion, Chelsea Cutler, Jeremy Zucker, The Chainsmokers etc. In general, we love finding new artists and try to take inspiration from a wide variety of genres.

What is your favorite live gig you’ve had so far? Also, congrats on the opportunity to open for Bryce Vine next month, that’s awesome!

Michael: We played a sold out show in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 150 people bought tickets to come see us and it was truly amazing. To think that many people knew every word to our songs made it our favorite show yet. The energy was like nothing we have experienced before. Can’t wait to play in Green Bay again!

What moment in your career are you most proud of so far?

Ben: For me, hearing our song “Overthinking” for the first time on the radio was crazy. Both Michael and I really take pride in that song because we made that in Michael’s parents' spare bedroom. It goes to show that anyone can make radio-quality songs from anywhere with minimal equipment.

What can we expect from you guys the rest of the year? So hyped to hear more!!

Ben: We are working on a lot of new songs. Expect an EP, and a LOT more shows!

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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