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  • Sarah Curry


Your new single “WALK OF SHAME” has such an amazing vibe to it! What inspired you to write this new song?

ELKEEN: Thank you very much. I think I like putting myself in others’ shoes. I’ve seen and heard too many stories about people feeling guilty about something they were obviously not guilty about. They were ashamed of what happened to them because we are told not to talk about it. And it’s a shame. That’s what this song is about : it isn’t your walk of shame, it is theirs.

When did your love for music start? And when did you know you wanted to pursue music as a career?

ELKEEN: I’ve always loved music, since I was able to sing I would cover songs at home, trying to reproduce melodies. And then I noticed that I was particularly good at remembering melodies, lyrics and keys, mainly because this is the only thing I was doing at that time ahah. Concerning my will to pursue a music career, It started when I had the chance to meet Denis Clavaizolle who is a professional musician and the music producer for Elkeen. He really is the one that told me I could do it.

Who are your influences when it comes to your original music? You have such an infectious sound that I can’t get enough of!

ELKEEN: I listen to all types of music, really. So I get influences from everywhere but I would say that I listen to pop and funk music the most. I also listen to a lot of rap and trap music :)

I loved scrolling through your Instagram and watching all your covers! Which cover are you most proud of?

ELKEEN: Thank you ! I love covering songs from my favorite artists and make it my own. The one I am the most proud of is Hotel California because it brings back so many memories or Still got the blues because my dad loves this song and I made him proud :)

When you’re not making music or performing, what else do you love to do?

ELKEEN: That’s interesting. I like learning new things at all time so right now I’m mostly trying to learn a new language by myself and trying to learn how to use video editing softwares so I can edit some short videos myself or even work on music videos just like I did for the 2 first title track of the new album.

I am such a huge fan of your music, and I can’t wait to hear more from you! What else do you have planned for the rest of the year?

ELKEEN: Thank you very much ! A third and final single is coming out in June and the full album is supposed to come out right after, during summer ! Of course we keep working on new songs all the time :)

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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