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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Why Can't We Be Just Friends" - Aut Ratchaphom

Q: “Why Can’t We Be Just Friends” is giving the song of the summer vibes! What inspired you to make this track?

Aut: First of all, I didn't plan and knew it would end up sounding like a Summer song. All I thought about was I want to make an uplifting and bright sound kind of song for the album. It's pretty crazy and makes me happy that everyone all said this song is the perfect song for the summer. My producer (Choven Prau) knew right away what kind of sound I wanted for WCWBJF based on the demo and the reference production after he heard them. Initially, I wrote and came up with the idea for this song in my bedroom back on 22nd August 2019. Basically, the idea and meaning behind this song is about wanting to keep a good relationship with the past lover or the people that you used to be so close to. And yeah so far, It ended up being everyone's most favourite song from my whole discography.

Q: What made you want to start making your own music?

Aut: I started making my own music back in 2016, because that year my favourite artists didn't release any new songs. Plus, it was the year where trap rap music was taking over the industry. So, instead of waiting for the type of music that I listen to to be released, what I did was I picked up guitar and piano and the journey started from there. Also, Taylor Swift is definitely the person who inspired me to write music, picking up guitar and piano.

Q: I love your style! Which was your favorite look in the “Why Can’t We Be Just Friends” music video?

Aut: Thank you so much! This is definitely the hardest decision to make, but I would probably go with the first outfit at the opening scene which is a Brown Coat outfit!

Q: Which vinyl in your collection are you most proud of having?

Aut: OMG, the one that I'm most proud of is Taylor Swift's 1989 Vinyl. I've been searching for it for AGES and I was lucky enough to get it exactly on my birthday last year!

Q: It’s on my bucket list to go to Australia! Is there anywhere you recommend checking out when I’m there?

Aut: That would be super cool! You will definitely love it here especially if you love beaches and sun. I would recommend you to come in summer, which is December all the way to March and the places that you must visit are Fremantle and Rottnest Island. Chef kiss.

Q: What can we expect from the rest of your second album? We’re so excited to give it a listen!

Aut: First of all, this is the proudest project that I ever created so far. So many surprises in it. There's 16 tracks in the album including WCWBJF. The 16 tracks have their own personality. The base of this album is Pop, but not pure Pop because it has a heavy infusion of Jazz, Funk, Rock and Trap. You would expect something darker for later releases after my next single 'So In. Love With You'. My favourite track of this album is Taxicab. It will serve as the third single from the album after 'So In. Love With You'. It's definitely the track I'm really excited to release the most and everyone should keep their eyes on. Well, the best word to properly explains and describes this Album is "a silver sunflower that's blooming in the summer night"

Written By Sarah Curry



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