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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"La La La" - Nyman x RAENE

Are you indecisive? Do you procrastinate when you know you shouldn’t? Are you afraid of commitment? Alright, enough with the callouts. ‘La La La’ by Nyman and RAENE expresses the combined thrill and dread of getting exactly what you want. When the fear outweighs the desire, you might battle your constricting throat just to get the words out. Your mind may wander as you “replay every mistake” to try to return to your comfort zone. “I’ve been here before; holding on to something that I thought I needed, but do I believe it?” This feel-good anthem is perfect for you overthinkers out there!

RAENE’s sweet and rich vocals immerse you in the beauty of indecision. You get a heartfelt narrative of self-doubt where she knows she’s strong enough to commit, but she’s also hesitant about releasing the fear surrounding it. “The noise gets so loud as I try to reclaim the moment; hold me til I know for sure.” (Quick sidebar: Wow. That flawlessly explains the feeling I get every time my anxiety's gotten the best of me.) There’s a clever contrast between the second-guessing in the lyrics and the brighter pop production by Nyman. It creates this charismatic, ear-pleasing sound that’s like free therapy for your mind. It’s simply superb!

Nyman is a Swedish singer-songwriter and producer who’s committed to featuring unique sounds on his songs. He frequently collaborates with like-minded artists to create commercial successes, all while staying independent. RAENE is a UK singer/songwriter who was listed on BBC Introducing’s ‘Top 25 Most Played Artists of 2020.’ Her pop/R&B style features catchy and emotive lyrics that have propelled her to over 2 million streams across all her collaborations. Combining Nyman’s Swedish pop sensibilities with RAENE’s luscious vocals, the pairing of these two artists is picture perfect! Go stream ‘La La La’ and sing your heart out!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez




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