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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Life Like That" - LNDN

There are so many moments that I wish I could just go back and do over. If that was possible, then maybe I wouldn’t feel so much regret. But who really knows? The butterfly effect is a marvel of a phenomenon. Change one event and it can lead to a drastically different outcome. There’s a song called ‘Life Like That’ by LNDN that dives into the emotions behind wanting to go back, even if you’re content with where you are now. The artist speaks on a relationship that ended years ago: “Could I get another shot at a life like that?” The “what ifs” here are so relatable that you’ll be ruminating about this powerful song for weeks on end!

“I lost my head, 9 years since I left; never found any purpose in the flesh.” Immediately you’ll feel the emotional weight of LNDN’s fervent tale. There’s several eye-opening phrases throughout the song, each revealing another fragment of the artist’s mind. His entire voice evokes a variety of emotions; from the bitter sweetness of his lows to whisper-like cries for help in his upper range. Carefully layered harmonies bring you fully into the dream world. When you start to come back to the present moment, there’s an impalpable beauty in the silence. No doubt you’ll be enthralled by this creative genius!

LNDN is an emerging artist from Vancouver Island. He’s dedicated to connecting with his fans and encouraging them to live life authentically. He specializes in dreamy harmonies and a more minimalist approach to pop music. Writing about the mind, self-identity and other rich topics, his quirky, yet intimate storytelling will catch you off-guard in the best way possible. His new single ‘Life Like That’ is a prime example of that playful introspection. Go follow him and see what else you can discover about yourself!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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