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  • Julia Hooper

"Lifeline" - Amanda McCarthy

Amanda McCarthy’s new single, “Lifeline” is a heart wrenching ballad that emulates the feeling of reminiscing over a lost love. With touches of country and soul, “Lifeline” presents listeners with moving vocals that detail the often-conflicting emotions that surround a broken relationship. Stuck between heartache and well wishes, McCarthy sings the poignant lyrics “I hope one day you learn to love with someone other than yourself in mind”. The single highlights the hard work and acceptance it takes to move past a toxic relationship. However, “Lifeline” also portrays the relatable desire many have to check up on their old flames.

“Lifeline” begins with the introduction of mellow piano tones, accompanied by soft vocals and subtle guitar strokes. As the song progresses, the inclusion of the drums provide a strong rhythm which pairs nicely with McCarthy's passionate voice. The catchy chorus will leave listeners humming the tune all day long. The single’s powerful bridge showcases McCarthy’s wide vocal range with the inclusion of angelic high notes. The combination of the song's rich vocals and melodic instrumentation allow it to communicate raw emotion to the audience.

Amanda McCarthy is a Nashville-based artist, committed to speaking the truth through her complex lyricism. Her music draws inspiration from a multitude of genres, including pop, rock, country, and modern folk. The award-winning songwriter, entertainer, and recording artist released her debut album, “Road Trip”, in 2019 which received high acclaim. In fact, she was named Songwriter of the Year at the 2019 New England Music Awards. McCarthy has been busy creating new music with singles such as, “Sunset” and “Don’t Stop Me”, both of which released in 2022. McCarthy’s knack for compelling storytelling and the inclusion of pure passion in her music sets her apart as an artist to watch in the music industry.

Written By Julia Hooper



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